Number 95, Check

From my to do list:

95. Buy a fancy umbrella

I found this gem for $8 at TJ Maxx.  That may not be fancy enough for some, but it’s good enough for me! I think most would agree that it’s cuter than my plain black umbrella.



Two Months

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You’re two months old. It’s so hard for me to believe that it’s been two months since I gave birth to you. This month we’ve started to settle into our new “normal”. I use quotations around normal because every day is just a little like the day before and just a little different, and though it’s generally the same daily routine, you’ve kept me on my toes. Because of you, I don’t think I’ll ever describe my life as boring again.

You’ve accomplished major milestones in the last four weeks. Right after your one month birthday, you began smiling and interacting. Your smile has the ability to brighten a person’s day. I must admit, however, that it doesn’t always brighten my night, especially after a 3am feeding when you’d rather smile at me instead of going back to sleep. But even then, it’s exceptionally cute. You also started cooing a couple weeks after the first smiles. Your noises are adorable. It’s our first opportunity to hear your voice and wonder what it will be like to hear you speak your first words.

smilin' baby

I’m very proud to say that breast feeding is going well and we’ve successfully weaned off the nipple shields. Occasionally we go back to them, mainly for my comfort, but I feel confident that we could survive without them. It has increased my milk supply and the strength of my let-down so we’ve had some comical nursing sessions. At the same time that my breasts started filling faster, you began sleeping through the night a few times a week. This makes for a happier daddy and a mommy with boulders for boobs. Thankfully, I’ve got a great pump that allows me to avoid engorgement and go back to sleep.

Speaking of pumping, I’ve got a large stash of frozen breast milk that I’ve been adding to and saving since you came home from the hospital. I did this so we could eventually leave you in the loving care of your grandparents while your daddy and I went out on a date. It took me several weeks to be comfortable with leaving you for more than an hour. Your grandpa joked that I had separation anxiety, but he was right. This month I finally felt ready to go out on my own. Unfortunately, this month you’ve decided that you’re not willing to drink from a bottle so I haven’t been able to leave you for more than three hours.

Cecilia - 7 weeks

In the past two weeks, I have left you several times with your grandmother for an hour or two while I went to the YMCA. Every time I come home, you’re being rocked on the front porch in a very deep sleep. It’s wonderful to see you as I’m pulling into the driveway. I’m amazed by how peaceful and happy you on her chest. I know you’ll have a very special relationship with your grandmother. I hope you always treasure that.

I know I’ll always treasure our relationship. The other day, while you and I were talking to one another, I commented to your grandmother that you interact with me more than anyone else, and she said, “She loves you.” I had never thought about that. I just assumed that you cooed at me because I was your food source and constant companion. Ever since that moment, I’ve felt a new connection with you. A stronger connection. A mother-daughter connection. I admit that there are challenging moments when you are crying without an obvious reason that I get frustrated and start to lose sight of that. I promise that despite all the challenges, whether colic or adolescence, I will remember our connection and love.


Girl in the Looking Glass

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I thought I was Cecilia’s favorite person, but apparently she has a new best friend. But like all girls, eventually she gets into an argument with her.

Girl in the Looking Glass from sleepingKelly on Vimeo.


I have a dentist appointment today so this morning I was giving my teeth and gums a good flossing and brushing.  While standing in the bathroom, he heard the garbage truck on the street (I have bat-like hearing, but that’s for another post), and I checked to see if Chris took the bin to the curb because I didn’t remember seeing him go outside this morning.  Yep, like always, he remembered.  I’m so thankful for a husband that always remembers that Tuesday is trash day and faithful wheels the receptacle to the street.

Lac-Toes Intollerant

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The indomitable has this annoying habit of pacing while he’s on the phone, and despite how much I bitch about it, he still does it. Tonight was no exception, the only difference was that he had Cecilia in tow. A very full-bellied Cecilia who spit up as he was pivoting for an about face. He didn’t see it happen as he is a man and can only focus on one thing at a time (like leaving a voicemail message), but after I told him that I saw it, he looked on the floor. He couldn’t find it on the carpet. Apparently, as he spun around, he gave Cecilia’s regurgitated milk just enough inertia to land inside his shoe. That’s what you get for pacing.

Lollipops and Laughs (Attempts)

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Cecilia Tries to Laugh from sleepingKelly on Vimeo.

To Do, Part 2

89. Sew my daughter’s Halloween costume
My Mom use to sew all of mine. I vividly remember going to Walmart and looking at all the patterns in late September/early October. Endless possibilities for endless fun. I’d like to give Cecilia that memory at least once.

88. Watch all the Godfather movies
If I were to right a dating book, I’d advise all women to watch these movies. It’s essential to understanding men.

87. Visit Graceland
86. Wear a fancy dress for a formal adult-only event

I don’t have fond memories of prom. It seems like the fun was the planning, not the attending. However, this time I’d like to have fun planning and then fun attending. Its going to be much easier now that my date makes more than $5.50 an hour and I’m legally able to booze it up. (Just so you know, parents, I actually did not drink on prom night.)

85. Go on a road trip with only my sister
Despite all the years she spent tormenting me by hanging my dolls on a noose and swinging them at me while screaming “Ghost BABY!”, I still like her. It’d be nice to spend some time with her without the distraction of spouses and kiddos.

84. Learn to apply “smoky eyes” makeup
without looking like a cheap hooker.

83. Figure out how to work all the buttons on my digital SLR
82. Host a fancy dinner party

I’ve got lots of serving dishes and recipes. I need to justify taking up all the cabinet space by actually using them.

81. Become a certified personal trainer

I’m smart enough, and I like helping folks with the fitness and health goals. Plus, I figure if that weird dude that wears high-top wrestling shoes at the gym can do it, I probably can too.
80. Attend a wine tasting

My Little Twin

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Cecilia 006 - Copy (5)


While looking over my post, the indomitable laughed.


“She’s cute than you are.”


Daily Digestion 8.19.8

For the fourth consecutive day, Cecilia slept through the night, but like always, I did not.  I have a vague memory of eating bread and jelly with a couple swigs of milks.  I probably wouldn’t remember this incident except I woke on the sofa.  Generally sleepingKelly collapses there after her nightly feasts even though the comfy bed is only ten paces away.  However, it’s probably best that I sleep on the couch because Cecilia’s bassinet is in the bedroom.  I don’t hear her as well in the living room.  Of course, I realize that sounds harsh and neglectful.  Let me explain…

I can hear her from the sofa.  Just not as well.  My sweet little girl usually wakes up because she needs to poop, and, for her, pooping involves an hour of grunting beforehand.  Thankful she sleeps through this.  Chris usually sleeps through it too.  However, with my overly sensitive, super paranoid momma ears, I do not sleep.  I wake up immediately and start to wonder. Should I get her up? Is she suffocating in her blanket and grunting because she needs air? Maybe she’s too warm and can shake the sleep when she really needs something. Are my boobs too full? Should I pump? She might not wake for a few more hours. What if I pump and then she wakes? I may not have enough milk…  It can go on for 45 minutes or more.  By the time I finally calm down and start to drift off, she wakes up.

The past few days I’ve woken to Chris and Cecilia sitting on the loveseat in the living room.  She grunted enough that he woke up and changed her.  Its a much more peaceful world when I’ve gotten more (and better) sleep.  And waking to a freshly changed and still a little groggy baby and a sweet husband makes for a happier momma.

Daily Digestion 8.17.8

Well, she rose again.  Cecilia slept from 10:30pm until 6:30am.  sleepingKelly enjoyed a container of YoMommy Yogurt and lots of  grapes.  There are few things worse than waking with milk breath and grapes skin stock in your molars.