Do You Want Chips with That?

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With the exception of the occasional taste for chocolate, most of my pregnancy cravings have been salty/savory related. That was the case this morning as I arrived at work. After stopping by the bathroom for my bi-hourly potty break, I detoured to the vending closet before going to my office. I thought I’d check out their chip selection. Normally I avoid chips, but a salty crunch treat sounded really good. I scanned the selections, which included salt and vinegar chips - my go-to flavor. Then I stumbled upon this gem, Burger King Fries and Ketchup flavored potato snack. Ewww. That killed my craving.

As my sister pointed out to me, fries are potatoes so essentially it’s a ketchup flavored chip. I discovered that they are made by the Inventure Group, a company that prides themselves on unique varieties of food. I like strange things..but ketchup? really? I could just buy regular chips and slather the condiment on myself, but I guess that would be messy. I guess deep down I can understand a ketchup chip. My dad really loves the stuff and has been known to put it in chili (with sweet pickle juice). However, nothing can explain the Flame Broiled Burger flavored chip. Mmmm…taste the carcinogenic cow….