Our little girl

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baby hefley from Chris Hefley on Vimeo.

A Pretty Nice Little Saturday

While the indomitable and I were walking around home depot, he pulled out his left hand and stared at his ring

“Yep. You’re still married.”

“Some times it hurts… …the ring, not being married!”

Simple Things

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Things that cheer me up when my husband has misplaced his wallet: Letting Lucy run after the fat squirrel that’s snacking at my bird feeder.  Downside: She whines at the door for the next 30 minutes. Totally worth it.

Udderly Ridiculous

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For me, breastfeeding is the only way to go.  And I’m glad it’s the current, trendy thing right now.  There are lots of products available to aid women in this slightly painful but extremely loving task.  This product, however, just scares the shit out of me.  It looks like something I saw on a heifer when touring a dairy farm.


Gassy Girl, Part Pregnancy

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Once people hear that I’m pregnant, they usually ask me if I know or want to know the gender of the baby. (No, Yes. Respectively.)  The second most common question is, “Have you felt the baby?”  My answer is usually that I think so.  Most people start feeling their babies between 16 and 21 weeks, with first time mom’s in the later part of that range.  It’s hard to know what exactly a 4oz baby would feel like.  Most books describe it as “butterfly flutters,” which sounds so dainty and sweet.  Frankly, nothing dainty and sweet ever happens in my body.  Grody and stink, yes, dainty and sweet, no.

I would describe the sensations I’ve felt as light tap, tap, taps.  I think that’s the baby.  Time will tell if I’m really feel my first born or if it’s just several small gas bubbles forming into one gigantic fart.  Lord knows the labor and delivery process would be a lot easier.


I don’t really believe in making New Years resolutions. In my opinion, it’s just setting yourself up for failure that will gloom your next New Years, and since next year, God willing, I won’t be pregnant, I plan to celebrate with a drink or two and don’t want a rain cloud hanging over me. With that said, I carefully resolved to do a few things this coming year.

1. I plan to use all my kitchen appliance at least twice. If I do not, I must forfeit them to Goodwill. I own too many gizmos and our small mudroom/pantry/laundry room/water heater closet/recycling center is about to explode. It would hurt me greatly to turn over my bread machine, food dehydrator, spare blender, or extra food steamer, but for the sake of nesting, I might just do it. More than likely, I’ll find time to use them instead.

2. I want to blog more. I go through phases when it’s fun and other times it’s a chore. I waffle over the type of blog I want to maintain. When I started, I had the intentions of attempting a more professional site, like Dooce. Maintaining a more professional blog requires a certain level of creativity and inspiration that you may find dwindle to performance pressure, or in my case, you may discover you lack it all together. Since my readers are mostly friends and family, I could angle it towards my audience and give up on the idea that the world would be interested in my life. At times, I’ve even thought about shutting it down, but that would be admitting defeat-I’m not sure to what, but I’d definitely be a loser.

3. We’re going to save some money. These past couple of years, we’ve been spending money like drunken sailors. This year is going to bring lots of expenses-home renovations, a new vehicle with four doors, and a birth of a child.