Keep It Simple Stupid

I’m not current and hip. I accepted this many years ago. After all, there is comfort in the familiar. For example, with every new version of Windows, there is a design change. However, it’s always “Classic Windows” on my laptop. I’m not thrilled by all the new bells and whistle. I find fading closed folders distracting and new setups confusing. Many people have told me that I’ll get use to it over time, but I don’t want to. A laptop is a machine that works for me. I’m lazy and do not want to spend time getting adapted to it. I just want to use it like a dirty whore and toss it to the side. I’m not Richard Gere, and it’s not Julia Roberts. We are not going shopping on Rodeo Drive so it can look better. It just needs to perform and leave me alone.

When Windows Vista appeared on the scene, the indomitable asked me if I wanted it installed on my computers. However, he could not provide any advantage of the new software other than visual effects. Promptly, I said no.

Then the viruses and adware attacked, which was very humbling. I once believed that only the technology inept and porn lovers got infected. I’m still not sure how I acquired them, and since I haven’t let anyone touch my baby laptop for months, I have no one to blame. After a week of trying to remove the beasts, we decided to format my drive. Then we couldn’t find the Windows XP boot disk, and I was already too frustrated to look for it in our yet-to-be-unpacked office. I consented to Vista. Dammit.

In Vista, the Classic Windows theme is just a tease. It’s not my familiar, comfortable Windows 95 style. My icons are not the same. The layouts are not the plain ones that I’m accustom to. And folders, oh gah. Look at them! I just want to see one title picture. And though saying this reminds me of the times my mom would tell me that the bass in my music “makes her heart skip a beat,” these folders make me go cross eyed.

Screw you Vista. You have successfully foiled me and turned me into my mother.


Doctor’s Note

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Excuse the absence folks. My laptop went apeshit with viruses and adware, and the indomitable had to format my drive. Now I’m cruising with Vista, which I hate. More info to come.

And One To Grow On

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I enjoy giving gifts. I spend my days contemplating what to give someone for their birthday. Once I purchase the item I find myself in another dilemma-dressing the gift. Wrapping can be fun, especially with the wide variety of ribbons, bows, bags, and paper available. However, spending money and trees on a piece of paper that is just going to be torn off and thrown away. And since most papers are glossy, they can be difficult to compost or recycle. Finally, a solution! has Blooming Wrapping Paper available. There are seeds infused into the paper. When planted, you receipt will be blessed with catchfly, snapdrag, cornpoppy, and black eye susans. Even though the paper is a bit pricey, it can be considered part of the gift. One that keeps on giving.

Thinking for a Second

It’s very difficult to not let memories of the past cloud your present, especially when you’re divorced and remarried. My stepmother once told me how my father got upset with her when she wanted to grow extra large cucumbers in their garden. Apparently he and my mother once had an argument over cucumber sizes. I know that seems unreasonable, but it’s surprising to find what you’re sensitive about once you’ve been scorn.

Like many couples in a failing marriage, my ex-husband and I fought a lot. We didn’t know how to communicate unless our voices were above 100 decibels. I admit I was a very cold and detached in my first marriage. It was a natural place for me to retreat from his hateful words and spiteful actions. I lived eight hours from my family and no where to run when I needed to get away. I could only find a small level of solace in mentally and emotionally withdrawing from the situation. I’m very thankful that I found the strength to leave.

Unfortunately, I often find myself reacting the same way when the indomitable and I fight. It is normal for married folks to argue. In fact, if you never disagree with your spouse, you must not be communicating or sharing your true feelings. Everything is okay. (All parents and in-laws breathe a sigh of relief here.) However, it is really hard (underline really & hard) for me to remain open mentally and emotionally after so many years of shutting down to protect myself. The indomitable is a great guy-a wonderful guy-and when I turn away, it becomes so much harder to see that.

One advantage to the whole shitty-first-marriage-emotionally-scarred-crap is that you have a little better perspective. You know the value of apologizing, even when you don’t want to do it first. You also know how bad it could be and that this is far from it. And when you do fight, you know exactly how far you can go before you’ve taken it so far that you can’t go back.