For the past week, I’ve been busy planning, preparing, and cooking for the indomitable’s 32nd birthday bash. We had fifteen people over on Saturday for booze, brats, and other tasty treats. It was a great time, and I was excited to flex my culinary skills.


However, in the midst of the merriment, I didn’t give my garden the time it needs. My dedication stopped a t watering, and today, when I finally decided to harvest some veggies, I saw the aftermath.


home 001

It’s important to note that the coin is a quarter. But if you can’t fully grasp the size of those zucchini’s, here is a picture that includes my size 8 1/2 foot.

home 002

I’m going to cook them tonight, but I have a feeling they might be a bit tough. Either that or I’ll enter them in the state fair. I’m pretty sure they would come home with a blue ribbon.

Laugh from the Past

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I’d like to take us back to 1996 and ask, “What was he thinking?”


According to Wikipedia, “The movie revolves around a frustrated kid, Max, who is stuck with his separated parents. After finding a boombox, which happens to be Kazaam’s home, the duo go on to have an up and down genie and kid relationship. The movie has its own twists and good lessons.”Let’s remember that Wikipedia is publicly written and edited.