Indomitable Wedding

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For several years I wondered why anyone would hire a wedding coordinator. Now, multiple panic attacks later, I am beginning to understand. I’m starting to wish the indomitable and I would have saved the money we spent and eloped. We could have used the savings to buy ourselves the wedding presents. Truth be told, we are throwing the wedding for his mom. She is an amazing lady, and the indomitable has put her through enough tears and heartbreak that she’s earned it. His parents have also used the reception, which is in their huge backyard, as an excuse to do a major overhaul on their house. This may be the first week in about two months that their home will not see a carpenter, painter, or some other construction person. It’s appropriate because the wedding is eleven days away and I’m about four days from a total meltdown.

We’ve used the Memorial weekend to our advantage and started major wedding preparations, and things are coming together. However, tomorrow the wedding day will be in visible in the ten day weather forecast; so if you find me hyperventilating in front of my laptop, it’s a good bet that I’m at