I Can’t Drive 55

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I’ve always held a certain level of superstition about cars. I do not talk badly about my vehicle if I’m within ear shot of its presence. My intelligence tells me that this is ridiculous, but my experience leads me to believe otherwise. On April 15th, I completed my five year commit to the bank. I finally paid off my car. Over the last year, she’s acted a little funny, and I thought it was her anticipation of this. For example, my rear defrost went out, and then the security system tripped the fuel line. This past month, she’s been jerking, and despite what the shop says, I think her transmission is starting to give out. Two weeks ago, I noticed that the window was a little off track and would not close all the way. However, as long as I apply a little pressure to the window while I’m rolling it up, it seems to close just fine. I wasn’t really bothersome anyway, except when I’m driving on the interstate to school.

Well, yesterday afternoon on my way home from school, I was picking my toenails. It’s a nervous habit that I have. I successfully ripped off a section of nail from my third toe on my left foot, rolled down my window, and threw it out. When I rolled up the window, I applied pressure to the glass and POP! I thought that was a little strange. I probably would have left it alone, but it was really windy and loud, and I was driving 75 mph on the interstate. So I tried to roll it down just a tad. It started going down, but it wouldn’t stop. I grabbed the window and tried to hold it up, still driving 75 mph. That didn’t work. The window sucked down into the door and would not come up.

I called the indomitable, and he met me at his parent’s house and took my car to the service station. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fix it until Thursday. However, they did pull the window out of my door so it could be taped up. Now my car forcing me to pay for repairs and endure embarrassment. I guess she found out that I was looking at new cars online about thirty minutes before I left school.

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