Next We’re Going to Crush and Snort Them

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Several months ago, I purchased pizzelle cookies from Kroger. I was initially drawn to the lemon flavor because my friend Korbie got me addicted to lemon cookies. Short after the first purchase, the indomitable and I became addicted and bought the vanilla, the only other variety offered at our grocery store. They are only 23 calories a wafer and have a crispy texture and a waffle cone flavor. Also, the wafers are too big to shove an entire one into your mouth and too hard to swallow whole. You’re forced to savor the tasty treat.

Then something happened and our Kroger stopped carrying them. We began to wander the organic/gourmet foods section every time we went to the store. It was heartbreaking. The indomitable tried to find them on the internet so he could order them in bulk, but we could not remember the brand name. I imagine this is what crack addicts feel like when their dealer goes to prison. We longed for more.

On Sunday night, the indomitable and I went to the west side of town to have dinner at our friend Lolly’s house. She is pregnant and due in May. Since we couldn’t bring the typical hostess gift of wine, I suggested we stop by Walgreens and pick up diapers. By a twist of fate, all the pharmacies were closed, and we were forced to stop at Kroger. Without telling the other, we both looked for the pizzelle cookies. Suddenly we saw them and began running to the stand. We loaded up and carried away five containers.

I can only imagine what the other customers were thinking upon seeing two people carrying diapers, pickles, and ice cream running to a stand of cookies. Also, I think it’s worthy to mention that the indomitable had toothpaste in his hair.