Daily Digestion 10.21.6

Apple and Turkey Jerky.

I bought several bags of turkey jerky last week for our trip to San Francisco. I thought they would make good plane ride snacky foods for me and Chris. Of course, that was before I learned that my boyfriend was that annoying guy that falls asleep at the tarmac and starts snoring up a sandstorm from his face. (I actually have no idea what a sandstorm sounds like but I imagine the strong winds coming from Chris’s nostrils has to be comparable.) So I am left with five bags of turkey jerky, which, as I posted previously, were sleeping Kelly’s night time snacks in San Francisco. This morning I again woke with nasty breath, but this time she managed to find the sofa. I arose to an annoyingly chipper boyfriend asking “Do you want coffee?” After I managed to open my eyes to a squint and nod yes, he commented. “Apple and Jerky?” Yeah. And it’s your fault…showing off your sleeping abilities.

Yes I Love Technology But Not as Much as You, You See

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SF10.15 002


Thanks for being my Kip.

Love always,
Your LaFawnduh


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Blue Store

Daily Digestion 10.20.6

Hamburger bun and a Popsicle.

I’ve been lazy and not posting my episodes. Part of me didn’t want to think about how bad things got during my midterms. The other part of me was just tired and lazy. It was rampant and insane. What little sleep I got was accompanied by hourly episodes. Thankfully vacation helped me calm down and relax. That’s not to say that I didn’t consume anything while in San Francisco. Sleeping Kelly had easy access to turkey jerky and chocolate truffles. There are few things as bad as waking up with jerky breath, except waking up next to a girl with jerky breath.

Sequoia Sempervirens

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SF10.14 092

Sittin’ at the Dock of the Bay

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SF10.15 153

I’m ready to go back now. When I left SF, I thought, “Eh. I could live there, but I don’t have to live there.” Then I was smacked in the face with humidity when I got off the plane in Nashville.

Inspirational Poster

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Inspirational Poster

This looks like one of those stupid posters you’d find in a church Sunday school room. I should put text on top of it.
Chris 4:21 “As blue as the depths of the sea, so are the balls of thine youth.”

They Must Have Gone to the Mission

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This is exactly what I wanted to do after Chris, Curtis, and I went down to the mission and had real Mexican food.

SF10.15 125

Ding Ding

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SF10.15 050

300 Pictures? Today?

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Chris was an awe of the amount of pictures I can take in one day…so many to share. This is another one that involved me sticking half my body out the window of a moving car. Thankfully, there were no illegal activities taking place around me, at least to the best of my knowledge. I didn’t see the first incident either.

Under the Bridge