Talkin’ About the French Quarter During the Fourth Quarter

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The indomitable and I watched the Tennessee Titans play the New Orleans Saints tonight, and I heard the commentators and reports frequently mention Katrina. I must admit that I am tired of hearing about the recovery process and how NOLA is still suffering from their losses. I realize that saying this opens myself up for a slew of criticism and hatemail. Let me first say that I do not disagree with the television personalities. Louisiana is still hurting two years after the hurricane and the tragic levee break. I pray Americans never forget, but sadly, I know that too many people have grown apathetic to these communities. In March, we traveled to NOLA and took Grayline’s Katrina tour. At first I was standoffish about exploiting the sufferings of others as a form of entertainment, but after the tour concluded and I got off the bus, I was thankful for the knowledge I gained. Everything you have seen or heard on TV or in the newspaper is absolutely true.

With that education, it’s amazing that I would complain about all the commentary. I just feel that the audience is not fully grasping what they are saying. And I may not be giving these reporters enough credit. Like me in March, they may be witnessing the devastation for the first time and finding it difficult to not talk about it. I just wish they’d find a new way to try to explain the circumstances that still exist in the Crescent city. Maybe their next campaign should say something like this: “Tired of all the Katrina talk? Visit New Orleans. Put money into our economy, and then we’ll shut up.”

In addition to a better understanding of human suffering, the trip would guarantee you a good time with lots of liquor, good music, and food that is to die for. Though they are still rebuilding and half the population hasn’t returned, they’re still New Orleans. Trust me.