The Young and the Restless

When you work with babies and canines, you never know what your photograph will look like.  This one looks peculiarly like a couple who fought to be reunited after a crippling disease (IBS) and a tyrannical dictator (daddy at bedtime) tried to keep them apart.


Photoshop Actions

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I’ve recently downloaded some new Photoshop Actions, and there are a couple that I’m not sure about.  Tell me what you think.

Here’s the original photo:

1.17.09 090

Here’s the photo with the 70s action:


Here’s it is with the Soft and Faded action:


And with the Boost action:


What do you think?  I think with the right photo, they all would be handy to have around.   However, I’m not sure if Cecilia is the best subject for them.

Great Protector

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I’m so thankful for digital cameras.  How awesome is it that we can now snap away without worrying about the cost of film and development?  You never have to worry about losing the pictures of your vacation because you accidentally opened the back of your camera or because you misplaced that roll of film in your luggage.  We no longer have to keep up with negatives or print that obligatory picture that you took of Aunt Sarah opening her Christmas gift.  As long as you upload to your pictures to photo sharing site, like Flickr or Snapfish, you won’t even need to worry about your hard drive crashing.  And Aunt Sarah?  You can delete her from your camera’s memory card when she’s not looking.

Of all the digital camera functions, the quick delete is probably my favorite, or at least, it comes in super handy, especially when my dog is around.  You see, Lucy has a strange fear of cameras.  I’m not sure why; my camera doesn’t even make any noise.  Maybe she picked up the behavior from me. (See #74.) Regardless of where she learned it, she’s scared of them, and for the last few months, she’s been putting herself between the camera and the baby.  I assume she’s being protective.  However, she’s not aggressive about it and to a certain degree, it’s cute.  But only to a certain degree.  She has ruined countless shots over the past six months, and if I had been working with a traditional 35mm that used costly film, I’d be more than just irritated.

Lucy's Nose

Lucy's Nose

Lucy's Nose

Model Behavior

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If you’ve been following my flickr widget (to the right), you know that I’ve been trying to take a picture of Cecilia every day in the month of December.  It’s been going pretty well so far;  even though I don’t upload every day, I’ve taken a daily photo, missing only a day or two.  Taking a good picture in our house is a bit of a challenge as we have very little natural light and I have a deep hatred towards pictures using the built-in flash on my camera.  Someday I hope to have a better flash (hint, hint Chris).

At the moment, there are only a limited number of places in our house that provide the lighting that I long for, and these show up repetitively in my shots.  My favorite is the bed in the master bedroom.  It’s right next to a south facing window, and it’s a plush place for Cecilia to land if she topples over while shooting.  I’ve spent many hours there making goofy noises and faces in an attempt to get her to smile and look at the camera.  However, that’s all changed as she’s become more and more mobile and interested in her environment.  She is now bored with me and can no longer be distracted from her exploring.  This week she discovered the embroidery on the duvet cover.

“Hey. What is that?”

“Gotta get closer.”



“That’s interesting.

“Only one thing to do…”

“Put it in my mouth!”

Good Bye Autumn

Nov 08 030

It snowed on Monday.  It makes it that much harder to believe that I took this picture just a month ago.

Giving the People What They Want

I realize most of you visit my site for pictures and information about Cecilia and not for my ramblings.  I figure I better feed the masses just enough to lure them back for more.


Memo From the Boss



I hope you have a fun and safe Labor day.  Please use this time to rest and recuperate as we have some long and intense days ahead of us.



Ruler of the Universe

Sweet Girl

Blue Eyed Baby

Curtis: update

…as in Curtis the Cactus, not my brother-in-law. (One is definitely more prickly than the other. I’ll let you decide which one.) This little guy has come a long way since he joined me.


Ahhhh! I’ll skip the basket!

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My sister took this shot of her four year old son, Aiden.

Aiden Easter