On Goings and Goings On

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I realize things have been pretty quiet around here lately.  Truth be told, I just don’t have anything to say.  I’m so exhausted after chasing a über mobile baby around all day that I just collapse into the sofa and veg out watching TV every night.  Plus I use up all my creative energy trying to entertain Cecilia that I just can’t write.  There are only so many games of peek-a-boo that a person can play before their brain disappears without returning.  Here’s a short list of things that are almost blog worthy.

Our local squirrels (the ones that drive Lucy nuts) have been snacking on my lettuce in the garden.  I started designing some kind of contraption to keep them out, but then I realized that it would cost more to build than to just buy lettuce at the grocery store.  I let Lucy chase them a couple times, but it seemed to make her crazy flare up.  When I googled it, some obscure website suggested sprinkling the plants with coffee grounds.  So far, that’s worked.  The lettuce is flourishing, and the squirrels are nowhere to be found.  Even if they did eat it, it would be worth watching their coffee buzz.

Cecilia is getting much better at eating solid food.  Today she devoured a dill pickle spear at Panera, which means she belongs in my family.  Confessing your love for pickles is sorta like being baptized and delivered into the Baker clan.

Right now I’m trying to find a post-industrial country that doesn’t have their own version of “American Idol” so I can move my family there and claim asylum.  I’m just not into those shows, and while I have no problem with other people watching them, I’m starting to feel isolated because it’s all the rage right now.  Tonight I’m going to a women-only event, and I’m afraid they’ll chase me out with when I don’t know who won AI last night. (Or was it the night before last?)

So that’s all I have to report.  This post is probably full of typos, but Chris fell asleep while rocking the baby so he can’t edit it.  (And I’m definitely not going to wake him.)  I need to get the yogurt out of my hair and bandage my ingrown toenail before my night out.  Mommas gonna have a couple glasses of wine with her gal pals.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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I’m sick, ridiculously sick, with hay fever and spring allergies.  It may be my drug induced stupor, but doesn’t this lamp look like ovaries and a uterus?



I think at some point, all parents of infants post one of these signs on their door.  Thankfully, we’ve only had a handful of unwanted folks knock on ours in the past ten months.  Hopefully this will derail any more.  Nap times are a coveted (and hard fought for) thing.


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I was going through wedding photos tonight while searching for a good picture of my old haircut, and I stumbled on this shot.  Clearly we are in the middle of a prayer with every head down and eyes closed.  Everyone except our best man, that  is.  What exactly is Edward doing?


Photo by benfRank.

Photo Meme

I got tagged in a meme by Amber of Monster Cookies. While I normally don’t participate in these, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my older photos. Here’s the one I found.  It’s a picture of my best gal pal, Korbie, while on our road trip to Chicago in September of 2007.  We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of thai food, and drank a little too much. (And apparently drunkKelly went on and on about the awesomeness of her breasts.)  That trip was my final childless woman’s hurrah;  I was pregnant with Cecilia a week later.


On that same trip, this wonderful picture was taken in downtown Chicago when I was completely sober.  Let me tell you, I really needed a beer once that bitch got off my back.

The Notebook

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While I think it’s important to be thrifty, I think it’s equally important to delight in the little things, and it’s okay to occasionally spend an extra dollar for something that your going to regularly enjoy.  For example, I normally carry around a notebook for jotting down my thoughts, grocery lists, and to-do’s.  Usually it’s just a crummy tablet that I’ve stolen from my employer, but now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, that option wasn’t available when my notepad recently needed replacing.  (Stealing from my employer has definitely lost it’s thrill.)  However, when I found this cute notebook at Hobby Lobby, I decided I would buy it.  After all, it’s worth $1.99 to feel cute and fashionable while stocking up on eggs and baby wipes.


Sweater Stone!

I’m usually pretty leery of ad campaigns that offer you free product if you mail them a check for shipping and handling. To me, they just scream “Gimmick,” but when I came across an offer for a free Sweater Stone, I thought twice. The Sweater Stone company claims that their product “has the unique ability to remove pilling from knits,” and since I have several relatively new sweaters that already look a little tattered, I decided I’d take a chance. I figured that $4.99 in shipping and handling is much less than I would spend replacing my sweaters, and if it was a bust, I only cost me five bucks.

Well, my sweater stone arrived this week (several weeks sooner than their obligatory 4-6 week estimate.), and HOLY SMOKES this thing works. It was able to revive one of my favorite sweaters that I had given up on because it had millions of little pills all over the breast area. (Why do pills always show up on the boobs first? Do I just run into things with my girls or does the shirt feel it needs its own nipples?) The Sweater Stone company is still offering free stones if you send a check for $4.99. I’d highly recommend taking them up on their offer.

Book Review: Never Say Diet

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Growing up, I remember hating it when people said things such as, “I’m a Christian, but I hate organized religion,” or, “I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious.” In my mind, there really isn’t a way to separate the two. Of course, now that I’ve only stepped into a church a handful of times in the past ten years, I’m really at no place to judge. It’s not that I hate church - I really don’t. I hate Christians. I say that as a bitter, angry Christian.
With that explained, you can see the irony that I’m part of a book review mailing list from a Christian publisher. A couple times a month they email me a title and subject of a book, and I can opt-in to the blog tour. It’s why I reviewed Matthew Paul Turner’s Churched and why I’m writing this review. Despite the appeal of free books, I have turned down several offers. It’s not that I’m unwilling to soften my callous soul to read a Jesus book. It’s just that some subjects are not ones that I necessarily want to broach on a blog that my father reads, like books about my marriage’s sexual relationship. But when an opportunity to review a book about one of my passions, diet and exercise, comes along, I’ll definitely take that carrot.

Chantel Hobbs wrote Never Say Diet based on her experience losing 200lbs. She believes she was able to accomplish her goal and keep the weight off because five “Brain-Change” decisions. These “Brain-Changes” allow a person to shift to a healthy lifestyle without dieting. Hobbs also lays out a 17-week plan to slowly ease the reader into a healthy lifestyle to avoid burnout or binging. In addition to her story and plan, she provides scientific reasoning behind various exercises, helpful tips, and a chapter on getting your family on board with a healthy lifestyle.
Chantel’s story is inspirational. She truthfully tells of her highs and lows, and how she finds enlightenment along the way. There were moments that I found myself nodding along with her insightful thoughts, and when she described eating an indulgent meal, her thoughts really struck home with me:

“At the time I was so concerned and aggravated that I thought about skipping breakfast. No, that would just make me hungrier later. Then I thought about doing an extra hour of cardio to punish myself. Finally I got a grip. This was not a race. I didn’t need to redouble the speed of my progress, because there was no finish line! Since I wasn’t on a diet, I couldn’t have cheated; therefore I didn’t need to be punished.”

This is a Christian book, but it’s not an overly Christian book. One of the five “Brain-Change” decisions is to surrender, which includes surrendering yourself to God. You start off every day with a “Surrender Statement” (basically a prayer), but Hobbs is quick to point out that prayer is not going to make you thin. She repeats throughout the book that God wants you to be the best that you can be, and she’s very blunt in saying that requires hard work on your behalf.

Though I enjoyed reading her book, I can’t say I learned anything new. I’ve focused on healthy living for several years now so it’s rare that books teach me something when based on someone’s personal experience. There are moments when she seems to be contradicting herself. For example, in weeks 9-12, your goal is to make food boring and, thus, making food a less desirable reward. She believes you can accomplish this by eating a limited variety of foods for four weeks, and she provides a list of acceptable foods. Though it’s just four weeks of a 17 week program, that sounds pretty much like a diet, which goes against the whole premise behind Never Say Diet. My only other complaint is one that I often have when reading books written by non-professionals. She spends the first portion of her book hyping up her “Five Brain-Change Decisions” without telling the reader what they are. In fact, she doesn’t disclose them until page 75! If I hadn’t committed to read her book for the blog tour, I probably would have tossed it to the side by page 40.

Overall, I think it’s a good book. Her story is definitely inspiring, and I agree with pretty much everything she says. Her program is long and requires dedication, but as she points out in the book, it’s about a lifestyle change. It’s not a short diet where someone tells you what to eat and when they stop, you gain your weight back. I’d recommend it to someone who has 50lbs or more to lose. If you had less than that, the program would probably be too long to keep your attention.

Like my last review, I have a copy of Never Say Diet to give away, which comes with the Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer. (I checked it out - it’s not a bible study. It is a workout and food journal.) If you’d like to win it, email me at sleepingKelly@sleepingKelly.com. I’ll have Chris pick a random number on Wednesday night after the baby goes down.

Bitter Fruit

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Laughing Banana

“This banana’s being a smart ass and laughing at me.”

Daily Digestion and Awesomeness

Last night, sleepingKelly ate Cinnamon Life cereal, and I didn’t get the chance to brush my teeth for nearly an hour after I woke up because Cecilia needed tending to.  Ugh.  Cinnamon cereal gunk in my teeth.  I will never understand her obsession with dry breakfast food.  I may ask Chris to start locking the cereal in the deep freezer at night with the chocolate and cookies.

And on a completely unrelated note, one of photography blogs that I follow, Pioneer Woman Photography, featured one of my photos in her latest post.  That definitely made my day.