Lately, I’ve been waking up around 12:30, which is my usual first waking time, and not remembering how I got to bed.  These small blackouts are not the result of too much drinking; they’re caused by exhaustion.  However, I’m not sure if it’s from pushing myself to stay awake until I’m in some zombie-like state or if the fatigue of motherhood makes me forget trivial information, like how I got to bed.  Either way, I’m not concerned.  I’m humored by it, but not worried.  Anything that helps me fall asleep faster is a good thing.

I know I rarely talk about sleep any more.  It use to be the main subject of my blog, but now it’s taken a backseat to writing about my everyday life.  Truthfully, that’s appropriate.  I don’t really think much about my sleep disorders now days.  They’re still there, and I still struggle to burn off the calories that I consumed at night.  But life has given me so many blessings that I hate wasting time dwelling on things I can’t seem to control.  Inevitably, I’m going to wake up at least twice a night.  Getting upset by it won’t help me be a better wife, mother, or person the next day.  I can only hope that I’ll get too distracted by Facebook to eat.  (Unbeknownst to my FB friends, it’s their duty to entertain me with late night/early morning status updates.  If they post more frequently, I guarantee I’ll lose five pounds in a month.)

As any of my mommy-friends can tell you, life without a solid 7-8 hours of sleep is hard.  It’s depressing to think that I’ve only had one or two nights of it in ten years.  I’ve started taking melatonin again.  In the past, it didn’t help much, but it’s side effects are much less than the schedule 3 narcotic that I was on before.  That made me groggy the next day, and grogginess doesn’t pair well with being the mother of an active two year old.   One day, I’ll figure out this whole sleep thing.  In the mean time, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on.  Truthfully, those blackouts are pretty refreshing.

Daily Digestion and Awesomeness

Last night, sleepingKelly ate Cinnamon Life cereal, and I didn’t get the chance to brush my teeth for nearly an hour after I woke up because Cecilia needed tending to.  Ugh.  Cinnamon cereal gunk in my teeth.  I will never understand her obsession with dry breakfast food.  I may ask Chris to start locking the cereal in the deep freezer at night with the chocolate and cookies.

And on a completely unrelated note, one of photography blogs that I follow, Pioneer Woman Photography, featured one of my photos in her latest post.  That definitely made my day.

Daily Digestion 8.19.8

For the fourth consecutive day, Cecilia slept through the night, but like always, I did not.  I have a vague memory of eating bread and jelly with a couple swigs of milks.  I probably wouldn’t remember this incident except I woke on the sofa.  Generally sleepingKelly collapses there after her nightly feasts even though the comfy bed is only ten paces away.  However, it’s probably best that I sleep on the couch because Cecilia’s bassinet is in the bedroom.  I don’t hear her as well in the living room.  Of course, I realize that sounds harsh and neglectful.  Let me explain…

I can hear her from the sofa.  Just not as well.  My sweet little girl usually wakes up because she needs to poop, and, for her, pooping involves an hour of grunting beforehand.  Thankful she sleeps through this.  Chris usually sleeps through it too.  However, with my overly sensitive, super paranoid momma ears, I do not sleep.  I wake up immediately and start to wonder. Should I get her up? Is she suffocating in her blanket and grunting because she needs air? Maybe she’s too warm and can shake the sleep when she really needs something. Are my boobs too full? Should I pump? She might not wake for a few more hours. What if I pump and then she wakes? I may not have enough milk…  It can go on for 45 minutes or more.  By the time I finally calm down and start to drift off, she wakes up.

The past few days I’ve woken to Chris and Cecilia sitting on the loveseat in the living room.  She grunted enough that he woke up and changed her.  Its a much more peaceful world when I’ve gotten more (and better) sleep.  And waking to a freshly changed and still a little groggy baby and a sweet husband makes for a happier momma.

Daily Digestion 8.17.8

Well, she rose again.  Cecilia slept from 10:30pm until 6:30am.  sleepingKelly enjoyed a container of YoMommy Yogurt and lots of  grapes.  There are few things worse than waking with milk breath and grapes skin stock in your molars.

Daily Digestion 8.16.8

Well, last night the little indomitable-sleeping baby snoozed from 9:30pm to 4:30am.  This was her gift to us after spending most of the early evening screaming, and it was definitely a blessing for her very tired parents.  You’d think that I’d  stay asleep in my soft, warm bed, but I woke up to find myself on the sofa.  Apparently sleepingKelly got up in the night and ate grapes and 2 pieces of honey wheat bread.   Personally I would have gone after one of the four containers of reduced fat ice cream in the freezer, but I’ve never understand the rhyme or reason behind her actions.

Daily Digestion 7.29.7

My stress levels have been extremely high with our new addition. It has revived my REM behavioral disorder, especially during the first week of endless puppy crying throughout the night. I have walked around the bedroom every night believing that Lucy has found her way into our room. One night I even ripped all the cords out of the outlets, including my alarm clock, because I thought she was under the bed and feared she’d chew on them and electrocute herself. However, most of the time I think she has managed to escape her locked crate, open our bedroom door, and jump four feet onto our bed. Then I am adamantly convinced that the indomitable has rolled on top of her. This is not completely shocking because all REM behavioral episode come with a complimentary anger towards the indomitable, as sleepingKelly seems to blame him for all her woes. Last night I was sure that she was in the bed. I was petting her. It felt like her. It was warm and hairy and the right size. But then, the indomitable touched my back, and I woke a little and had a realization, “Oh. That’s your leg.”

Lord They Get Me Off so Much

Everyone hates the sound of their alarm clock. For a little over two years, I had Lynyrd Skynyrd “Sweet Home Alabama” in my CD alarm clock. To this day I cannot hear that song without a strong desire to throw something. The indomitable, however, has an amazing ability to be unaffected by alarm clock sounds.

Last night I wandered out to the sofa in the living room. This is a pretty common occurrence as I get hot sleeping next to the asthmatic Darth Vader. This morning I woke up to the indomitable’s alarm going off. At first I laid there thinking he would wake. Finally, after several minutes, I got up and mumbled something to him. He promptly hit snooze, and I went back to my sofa and slept. Nine minutes later I awoke to BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Again, I lay there for several minutes thinking he would rouse. Eventually he did, but not until I was completely annoyed.

The amazing part of this story is that I was awoken by his alarm. The person who was sleeping in another room woke up, and the individual sleeping NEXT TO THE ALARM, the one it was intended to wake, did not. As I’ve proven, I cannot be held accountable for what sleepingKelly does. If I were the indomitable, I would sleep with one eye open. Or at least wake up to the damn alarm.

Daily Digestion 3.20.7

Special K Red Berries with Milk, Baked Doritos, and a Hummus Sprout Sandwich.

Daily Digestion 2.27.7

Pizzelle Cookies.

Daily Digestion 2.23.7

Dates and Veggie Chips.