It only took a year…

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since I left my job at our company before I got bored.  I debate finding a job but realized that wouldn’t work (more on that later).  I’ve kept myself busy at the gym, and I really don’t want to give that up.  However, I need a purpose.  I need something to work towards and think about during my down time. As I pondered this, I realized that I have LOTS of incomplete projects laying around the house.  The tiny, tiny house that cannot handle supplies for abandoned projects.

So here we go…I’m going to try to use an abandoned project (this blog) to document some of my attempts to finish my other forgotten ideas.  We’ll see.

1. Cut a Hole in Box. 2. Shove Your Baby in That Box.

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When I was a kid, my dad worked as a supply manager for our local hospital.  That meant two things: 1. We had lots of those plastic hospital tubs around, and 2. He had access to HUGE cardboard boxes.  I remember one weekend he brought home a box that had once contained a stretcher.  Conveniently, that was the same weekend that someone at church gave my sister a Wint-O-Green flavored Lifesaver candy.  I’m not sure if you remember Lifesaver’s old catchphrase, but it was “When you bite a Lifesaver in the dark, it makes a spark.”

During the entire church service, my sister and I plotted and planned to get inside the box, shielding out all light, to test out their slogan.  Much to our disappointment, it didn’t do anything.  I guess it was really to my sister’s disappointment.  I was just happy she wanted to do something with me (though I do vaguely remember her taunting me with it - forcing me to wait all afternoon to get inside the box).   However, while double checking my memory on the exact phrasing of the slogan, I did find some sites claiming that it will spark.  I guess we did it wrong!

That afternoon did teach me one very valuable lesson that I hope to pass on to my daughter - cardboard boxes are fun!  When we got a new car seat from Fed Ex last week, I knew that its box would come in handy.  Plus everyone knows that toddlers prefer boxes over whatever contents lie within them!

Once I checked out the car seat and decided it was a keeper, I cut door holes and windows into her new hobo house.  I also used an empty paper towel roll for a chimney.  Cecilia loves it!  She keeps taking toys inside of her new home!  Little Tykes and their $280 playhouse got nothing on cardboard!

baby in a box

Filling My Time with a New Addiction

So what have I been doing while Chris spends the weekends working?  Feeding my new addiction - sewing.  Actually, I’ve been learning how to sew.  Well, rather, I’ve been watching my mother-in-law sew and occasionally sewing myself (when she makes me).  She’d probably dispute that and say that I’ve been doing most of the work.  She’s a nice lady but a liar.  Just kidding! (Not really.) (Okay, really.) Regardless, I figure we I should show off my work.

Cute pink dress from week 1:


Blue flower skirt (from these directions) from week 2:

blue skirt

Obviously we’ve focused on baby clothes. There’s a couple reason for this. 1. Baby clothes are smaller and require less fabric. Therefore, if we screw it up, it’s not as costly to toss it out. 2. It’s easier. 3. Baby girl clothes are freakin’ cute. 4. Homemade clothes aren’t as cute on adults. That being said, my mother-in-law, Mauvie, is working on a skirt for me, but I made no promises on wearing it in public. We had to do something with all the extra fabric because, if you didn’t know, one of the major side effects of sewing is an addiction to buying fabric.