I Called It Pop Until Everyone Made Fun of Me

This may be a bit random so bare with me.  I’m lying in bed with a sick kid and a laptop.  I’m not sure if that makes me a good mom or a weird internet obsessed mom, but until I get sleepy enough to drift off myself, we’re here.

Yesterday, I posted the following on my Facebook profile: “I gave up soda to set a good example for the baby, but now all I want is a Coke Zero. SO.BAD.”  That resulted in lots of comments telling me that I was insane for that choice. That is, perhaps, very true, but I really feel like it was the right thing to do. 

It definitely wasn’t  intended to condemn others. I LOVE soda.  I love it so much that I can consume a 12-pack in a day and never think about drinking a drop of water.  On the other hand, my body hates soda.  Artificial sweeteners give me a killer headahce - one that analgesics can’t touch - that remains until my body has processed all the fake sugar.   I guess I could drink non-diet drinks, but I don’t think we even need to go there on what they can do to your body.

However, this decision has nothing to do with the headaches or the other health concerns related to artificial sweeteners.  To tell the truth, I didn’t really care.  Those headaches suck, but the delicious taste of Diet Cherry Dr Pepper far outweighs the pain.  We’ve decided to cut out soda because of Cecilia.  You see, we’ve recently fell of the wagon - the healthy lifestyle wagon.  We’ve been eating junk food like it’s going out of style, and last week, I noticed Cecilia looking at me and signing “More” as I snuck Hershey’s Kiss in my mouth.  (”More” is her way of asking for a bite.) Also, when I’m drinking a soda, she points to the can and signs and says “Yes”.  (Sign Language is awesome for babies until you realize that they comprehend a lot more than you want to admit.)

I really don’t think soda is bad, and I don’t want her to think soda is bad.  It’s all about moderation, but unfortunately, Chris and I suck at moderation.  So until we can get that a mastered, I’m planning on keeping soda out of the house.  I’ll still have my caffeine (Thank you, God, for coffee), and there will be occasional Sonic runs (large Diet Cherry Dr Pepper & a small ice water, please).  But we’re going to keep the cans & plastic bottles out for a while.  Lord help me.

Happy Holidays

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christmas card 09 copy

Wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmases and a blessed new year!

Cheerio, mate.

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We have two new addictions in our house, and it’s starting to infect my brain.  Cecilia has recently fallen in love with the Wiggles, and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that they’re an Australian musical group with a television show for children.  Cecilia is completely mesmerized by them and often brings me the television remote with a sad look on her face in a desperate attempt to get more Wiggle time.  I’m embarrassed to admit the amount of Wiggles I let her watch.  At first, it was just a morning thing - a way to entertain her at her  5:30am wake up time while I drag my sleep-deprived ass to the coffee pot and zone out as it drips into the carafe.  But then she started dancing and singing along with the songs, and oh my gosh.  How do you resist a year and half year old’s desire to sing and dance?

The Wiggles songs are catchy and really easy to learn, which is fantastic for Cecilia.  Again, super cute to see your baby throw her arms up and yell, “Go! Go! Go!” Unfortunately, it’s not so great for Momma.  I find myself with a constant loop of Wiggles running through my head.  I fall asleep to songs about Dorothy the Dinosaur and wake up to songs about Wags the Dog, all in my head.

My personal latest obsession is the BBC’s Radio 1.  I have access to it through my satellite radio in my car and my kitchen.  I really, really enjoy listening to British music and news.  It’s interesting to hear another perspective on war, pop culture, and other newsworthy events.  I’m also really digging Brit pop.  I’ve grown weary of American stations constant need to play vomit-inducing Nickleback and American Idol contestants.  (Don’t get me wrong. I do like a couple of them, like Carrie Underwood, but the rest? Um, they’re game show losers. Why do they deserve record albums and air time?)  I’ve been exposed to some great British bands, like Chase & Status and Mumford & Sons.

Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a cultural experience around here, and Cecilia and I are having a great time.  However, it’s really starting to get to my brain.  Part of me wants to start calling college “uni” (short for university) and pronounce tomato “ta-mah-to”.  Oh? And my personal inner dialog? She has a British accent now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Cecilia & Leaves

Preaching to the Masses

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This is part of Cecilia’s daily afternoon routine.  I’m not sure if she’s yelling at the cars that speed down our street or if she’s singing Indian folk music.

Fall Colours

Cecilia & Leaves

A few thoughts:

  1. This picture is so pretty that I used British (or Canadian) spelling of color.
  2. Unlike most pictures, I did not edit Cecilia’s eyes.
  3. My sweet girl turned 16 months old this week!


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Apparently I picked the wrong Halloween costume for Cecilia this year.  I think she wants to be ET.

Cecilia ET

Dirty Mouth

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Several women have told me that I don’t act like a first time mom.  I don’t know if that’s a good, a bad thing, or a lazy thing.  In general, I just don’t overreact when Cecilia gets into stuff or falls down.  I figure that’s part of growing up, and if she’s in danger or starts to cry, I’m right there.  It’s just really important to me to teach her independence and resiliency.  Of course, things can get a bit messy when your let your daughter explore freely and do things like eat dirt.

Cecilia the Conquerer

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sept 09 027

When Chris was 6 years old, he packed a few belongings and left his parents a note saying, “I’ve gone on my travels. Don’t worry.  I will be back.”  He had planned to sneak out one night, but he was delayed by a day because his father had fallen asleep in the living room near the front door.  The next day his plans were foiled when his grandmother came searching for her crock pot, which Chris had taken for cooking while on his journey.

Chris’s mom still has that note stashed away in a forgotten safe place, and once she finds it, I’m going to have it professionally mounted and framed because it sums him up perfectly.  He’s an adventurer.  He’s not afraid of challenge or failure.  It’s one of the things I’ve always admired about him.  And it’s a trait that he’s passed on to our daughter.

Cecilia is an adventurer.  She has this innate need to explore, and she’s not afraid of anything.  If she’s awake, she wants to go, go, go.  And she fights the need to sleep because she’d rather be exploring.  (Unfortunately, she got my sleeping genes.)  My days are filled with chasing her around, redirecting her attention so that I can hide the breakables, and picking her up and moving her out of harm’s way.  I don’t dare go inside stores, and on the rare occasion that I have to go to Target, I strap her in my backpack carrier because she climbs out of shop cart seats.

Needless to say, most days I collapse into the sofa after she goes to bed.  I try to muster up the energy to pick up the toys that are scattered all over the living room floor, but I often struggle to do that because I know the toy box will explode all over again in the morning (and usually by 6am).   I have managed to get out of the house at least once a week with my Stay at Home Moms group.  Those ladies have been a real sanity saver (in addition to all the wine we usually drink at our events).  But if you notice a lag in my activity, it’s probably because I’ve checked out for the night and I don’t have energy to do anything beyond watching an episode of Law and Order (bump bump).

Oct 09

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head

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rainy day 4

If you’re in the American South like us, you’ve been experiencing nearly a week of constant rain and have another week’s worth to come.  Personally, I think 14 days of rain is only a good thing if it’s 60 degrees or colder.  When it’s 80, it just leaves you debating whether to wear short or long sleeves and feeling pretty sticky in all the humidity.  It also means your stuck in the house, especially if you need new wiper blades and discover replacements will set you back $85.

Thankfully, these little annoyances don’t bother Cecilia.  I just put her in a jacket and some old shoes, and she’s content to explore in the rain and discover awesome new things like stomping in puddles.  It’s amazing how every day things like raindrops make her day.

rainy day