The Young and the Restless

When you work with babies and canines, you never know what your photograph will look like.  This one looks peculiarly like a couple who fought to be reunited after a crippling disease (IBS) and a tyrannical dictator (daddy at bedtime) tried to keep them apart.


Great Protector

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I’m so thankful for digital cameras.  How awesome is it that we can now snap away without worrying about the cost of film and development?  You never have to worry about losing the pictures of your vacation because you accidentally opened the back of your camera or because you misplaced that roll of film in your luggage.  We no longer have to keep up with negatives or print that obligatory picture that you took of Aunt Sarah opening her Christmas gift.  As long as you upload to your pictures to photo sharing site, like Flickr or Snapfish, you won’t even need to worry about your hard drive crashing.  And Aunt Sarah?  You can delete her from your camera’s memory card when she’s not looking.

Of all the digital camera functions, the quick delete is probably my favorite, or at least, it comes in super handy, especially when my dog is around.  You see, Lucy has a strange fear of cameras.  I’m not sure why; my camera doesn’t even make any noise.  Maybe she picked up the behavior from me. (See #74.) Regardless of where she learned it, she’s scared of them, and for the last few months, she’s been putting herself between the camera and the baby.  I assume she’s being protective.  However, she’s not aggressive about it and to a certain degree, it’s cute.  But only to a certain degree.  She has ruined countless shots over the past six months, and if I had been working with a traditional 35mm that used costly film, I’d be more than just irritated.

Lucy's Nose

Lucy's Nose

Lucy's Nose

Thanks Santa Love Lucy

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Santa delivered.

1.5.09 042

And Lucy was right there waiting.

1.5.09 052

A Letter from Lucy

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Dear Santa,

I’ve been a really good puppy this year.  I’ve done a good job alerting my humans if anyone comes within a 50 meter radius of our house.  I’ve also protected us from pesky squirrels, and one time I even killed a bird in mid-air that had flown in under the screen door.  (The male human didn’t let me eat it, much to my chagrin.)  I did have a couple accidents, my first ever, when they brought that miniature human thing home (more on that later).  However, I always received good reports from school, and I’m well loved at the dog park.

Even though I was a very good puppy, I don’t want a gift.  In fact, I want to give you something - a miniature human!  All I want for Christmas is for you to take “Cecilia” with you to the North Pole.  You see, my life was foot-loose and fancy free before she came along.  She’s constantly squacking at me and grabbing my fur.  The other day she even pulled my tail! I was appalled.  What did my humans do?  Put me in my crate just because I told her that I didn’t like it. Before she came along, I was the center of attention.  I got to go to the park regularly and play frisbee.  Momma and I would cuddle on the sofa, and Pops would let me chase birds in the park.  Now they only acknowledge me when they want me to “go to my place.”  (Apparently they don’t know my place is suppose to be #1 in their hearts.)  Since you don’t have a puppy, I think you’d make a great parent for this miniature human.  It’s in excellent used condition - less than 6 months!

If you can’t take her, I understand.  She does require a lot of work.  As a consolation, will you convince the humans to start feeding it solid foods?  I’m desperate for some table scraps, and I’m pretty sure she’d share hers with me.  Maybe you can put some canned carrots in her stocking.  Those are my favorite.  And a deer antler.  All miniature humans need a deer antler.

Have a safe trip.



Squirrel Crazy

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Shot with a baby on my hip.

Squirrel Crazy from sleepingKelly on Vimeo.

Fleas and Bees

Sunday afternoon, the entire family, including Lucy, loaded up and went to Chris’s parents house for our weekly Sunday dinner.  Recently, one of their two dogs passed away and propelling the remain pup, Smokey, into a mournful depression. He’s been crying for days, and though he looks like a bloated pinto bean with legs, he has horrible hound bay that’s terrorized their neighborhood for a week and a half.  We thought some playtime with Lucy would cheer him up a bit, and I think it did the trick.  Lucy, on the other hand, was really put out with being outside for several hours with a dog that didn’t match her intellectually or athletically (again, he’s a pinto bean with legs). Despite her snobbish attitude, I think the exercise did both dogs some good.

The next day, I wasn’t as pleased about our playdate.  You see, the pinto bean is an outdoor dog, and our aristocrat is an indoor dog.  Outdoor dogs often have fleas.  Though Lucy has been treated with flea medicine, that medicine only kills the fleas that bite her.  It does not kill the fleas that jump on her fur and then flee from it in our house.  (Okay, forgive me for the pun.)  Monday morning, as I was sitting in the nursery pumping down my super engorged boob, I saw a flea jump on my leg. Then off. Then back on.  Of course, I was trying to catch it with my non-dominant, slightly retarded left hand since my right hand was holding the pump horn.  After several frantic tries, I managed to capture it and stab it with my fingernail.  That’s quite a mental image, huh?

Chris promptly called an exterminator while Cecilia and I sought refuge at his parents house (avoiding the outside and the pinto bean).  Thankfully they came quickly and sprayed the house.  Though we won’t be flea-free for a week or so, the spray does render them sterile, which is good considering that one female flea can lay up to 800 eggs. (Don’t wikipedia these things if you ever have bug problem.  It just makes the panic and repulsion that much worse.)

On Tuesday, another flea jumped on me.  There was some comfort in knowing that we prevented the little punk from passing on his lineage, but it’s still creepy to find a bug on your body.  For the rest of the day, I had phantom bugs crawling on me.  (You know the feeling.  It’s why your head always itches after someone mentions headlice.  Go ahead, try to ignore the tickle on you feel on your scalp right now.)  For those reasons, I am very thankful for Burt’s Bees Peppermint Shower Soap.  It has a nice gritty texture that exfoliates all the phantom fleas. Also, it has a clean minty smell that makes you forget about the smell of bug spray, even if that moment is only short lived.

For the next few weeks, we have to vacuum every nook of our house twice a day.  I love my Dyson vacuuming cleaner, but I don’t love it that much. It’s going to be a workout, but it’s still much better than the idea of flea larvae living in my carpet.  Okay, time to go take a shower. My head is itching again.


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“Seriously? You’re going to spend your time taking pictures of me when then house looks like this? Do you see all the crap on the floor?”

Lucy doesn’t quite understand the chaos that comes from home renovation. That’s why she keeps chewing on the old drywall pieces that are laying around.

Simple Things

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Things that cheer me up when my husband has misplaced his wallet: Letting Lucy run after the fat squirrel that’s snacking at my bird feeder.  Downside: She whines at the door for the next 30 minutes. Totally worth it.

Who’s Training Whom?

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Today Lucy has followed me from room to room with her hot pink rubber ball in her mouth. I’ve been so engrossed in house cleaning and laundry that I probably wouldn’t have noticed her except she has rhythmically squeezed it with her jowls, resulting in a constant, “Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.”  I imagine this is the puppy version of a toddler saying, “Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.”

Wisconsin Dog

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Since we began lessons with our dog trainer, we’ve been indulging Lucy in a lot of “meat treats”. Basically they are doggie jerkies that are made from various animals like venison, salmon, beef, etc. They look and somewhat smell like human jerky. (That is, jerky made for humans not from humans.) During one lesson, the trainer gave Lucy string cheese while teaching her to loose leash walk. This actually turned a bit sour when Lucy managed to grab the entire package and inhale most of the cheese and part of the wrapper. The trainer had only intended on giving her a little nibble.

Ever since then she has keenly tracked cheese and tonight was no exception. I had cut myself a few pieces of Parmesan. I walked into the living room to find my puppy intently staring at me, licking her lips, and wagging her tail. She began following me room to room. While growing up with cats, I learned never to give them table scraps. Felines have a much different approach to capturing human grade goodies. They like to weave around, in and out, and through your legs while meowing non-stop in hopes that they will trip you and steal your food while your down. Though I am a self proclaimed cat-person, I will readily admit that they are selfish, conniving beasts. Lucy, on the other hand, has learned that good behavior and tricks earn her treats. She presented herself as a mannered shadow.

I gave in and gave her a very minute piece. Anything more and I was guaranteed a gassy dog, and there is only room for one bloated bitch in this house. Her small treat, however, only resulted in more tail wagging and lip licking. Somehow I think she sees me like this: